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Although our alarm systems are highly sophisticated professional grade equipment used by real security companies across the world, they are simple to fit! 

That said if your hoping to have your alarm professionally monitored for police response on our Pro Plan its a requirement to have your alarm system professionally fitted to minimise false alarms and ensure your system meets professional standards.

All other monthly plans allow you to fit the system yourself but you can opt for professional fitting if you like.

Amigo Shield professionl installaion

If you choose professional fitting you'll have to prepare for the following

  • The engineer will need access to your home or business, you don't have to be present during installation but its recommended.

  • The hub will need to be installed next to your router and requires a spare plug for power and spare ethernet port in your router. 

  • If your system has an outdoor siren the engineer will need to install this, have a think about where you would like this installed and if possible clear the area ready for the engineers ladder.

  • Drilling and screwing is a requirement of a professional fitting.

  • If your system has a keypad have a think about where you would like this fitted.

Amigo Shield istallation check list

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